How Would You Make A 10 Year Career Plan?

I woke up today morning to this question from Adam Grant, the celebrated organisational psychologist at Wharton Business School, on my LinkedIn newsfeed. And the short answer to the question is, “Don’t bother about it.” Grant gives two reasons for this: In a decade, there are going to be jobs that are interesting in workplaces… Read More


Sometimes you know it.Just know it. And thenYou let it goLetting it flowInto the unknown. Why? You may ask.I’m not sure.Sometimes the light blindsides you.And the shadows hold the answersThat you seek. To trust the shadowIs to embrace the blindness of the heart.And not be blindsided by the light of logic. And then you waitAnd… Read More


For the last few years it has become a ritual of sorts for me to spend the new year’s eve night at home reviewing the year that has gone by, and remembering and thanking those who made the year a memorable one. But yesterday as I sat down to type out this post I felt… Read More