Rediscovering Onam

Onam festival is a quintessential part of the identity of Keralites. Onam is truly an all-inclusive festival that is celebrated across caste-religious divides in Kerala. However, the understanding of the origins of Onam festival and the central figures in its legend Vāmana and Mahabali seems to have undergone many distortions to the extent that most Malayalis who celebrate the festival today do not know of many of its significant aspects. It came as a shock to me few years back when I did some reading on this festival, and realised how little I knew of this most important event in Kerala. And so began my attempt to rediscover Onam for myself. Read More

How Would You Make A 10 Year Career Plan?

I woke up today morning to this question from Adam Grant, the celebrated organisational psychologist at Wharton Business School, on my LinkedIn newsfeed. And the short answer to the question is, “Don’t bother about it.” Grant gives two reasons for this: In a decade, there are going to be jobs that are interesting in workplaces… Read More

TEDxHyd 2015 – Unfolding Journeys

Attending ‎TEDxHyderabad 2015 was an incredibly inspiring experience. If spending a day listening to change agents from different walks of life was inspiring in itself, being surrounded a budding community of thinkers, enablers and doers was the icing on the cake. The theme of the conference was ‘Unfolding Journeys’. Read More