There is a home that I dream of.Filled with love and beauty,From people and nature. Away from the cacophony of crowded cities,Away from the relentless rush to nowhere,Nestled in the silence of nature,In the stillness of the moment. Many a time did I feel,I’ve come home finally,Here, there, somewhere,Yet nowhere. I’ve explored far and wide,In… Read More

A Train To Nowhere

Once upon a time,Huffing and puffing I ran,Chasing the Tuk-Tuk,Heart beating Dhak-Dhak,To catch the Chuk-Chuk. . Late as Usual,I ran,To Catch A Train,A Train to Nowhere. Seated by the window,I peered out into the world,As the Train fled into the wilderness. Network gone,WiFi none,Time forever,Sitting alone,I looked around. Smiling faces,Kind eyes,Open hearts,Each one a storyteller,Of… Read More


Sometimes you know it.Just know it. And thenYou let it goLetting it flowInto the unknown. Why? You may ask.I’m not sure.Sometimes the light blindsides you.And the shadows hold the answersThat you seek. To trust the shadowIs to embrace the blindness of the heart.And not be blindsided by the light of logic. And then you waitAnd… Read More