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Tarot Dojo – Origin Story

Have you ever stumbled upon something in life that is magical and fun?

2016 seems a lifetime ago as I write this. I was slogging away at a reputed company leading a very monotonous corporate job and on the threshold of a major change in life. I was about to complete my two years teacher training in Yoga.

A friend of mine had recently got a marriage proposal and she reached out to me asking if I can check cards for her. I had no clue of any sort of guidance cards at that moment. So she shared a link to a set of Angel Cards on Amazon. I got them out of curiosity and started checking out questions she had. To my surprise, the answers resonated with her quite well and this further stoked my curiosity. I started doing Angel Card readings for my colleagues at work and also during company off-sites. In not time it became quite popular at work and among my friends.

Though I could see it was helping my friends, I still had no clue why or how it worked. I read up more and then came across a training course in Oracle Card reading in Chennai. So I attended the program and shifted to Oracle card reading in couple of months. Oracle cards are more intuitive than Angel cards, and I started getting much better answers to questions. This motivated me to start a page ‘Oracle Miracle’ on FB. Some of the earliest reviews I’ve received for my readings reflect this name.

Later, I came across tarot cards and heard great reviews about how tarot is the master of all card readings. This took me on a pursuit to find a good trainer to learn from. I must admit the tarot scene is filled with fake / fraudulent readers too. So one must exercise good degree of caution while finding a reader. After many months I finally found a good trainer based on a personal recommendation from a friend and got trained in tarot reading from her in Chennai.

I felt a need for change of name as I was no longer using Oracle Cards. And I had a fascination and some nostalgia attached to the word ‘Dojo’ (a space for martial arts classes) as it reminded me of my school days when I was very passionate about learning Karate. So, I changed the name of the page to ‘Dojo’ and then eventually ‘Tarot Dojo’.

Tarot Dojo started off as just an FB page where I invited reviews from friends and colleagues who took readings from me. I also started doing tarot readings during my yoga retreats and it was great fun! Eventually as I started leading digital marketing trainings, I built a website for Tarot Dojo and suddenly I got an sudden influx of requests for tarot consultations. I didn’t know until then tarot reading was such a popular thing! In fact, I had never gone for a tarot reading myself until I went to learn tarot. 🙂

Over time, tarot became a part and parcel of my life bringing fun and life to meet ups with friends and offering consultations to those came enquiring to my website when I was not engaged in yoga or coaching sessions.

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