2015 was an incredible year with a perfect mix of all the ingredients of an ordinary life.

This year taught me:

· To find beauty in the mundane.

· To appreciate the ordinariness in me and others. Realised that accepting and appreciating the very ordinary and not-so-special aspects of myself is as important as being proud of what I consider special about myself. Further realised the gulf between realisation and appreciation. Well, let’s just say it’s a work in progress.

· Push the boundaries of my inhibitions. Tried out some really cool things which I’ve never done before. Happy with the effort. Content enough to move on.

· Never take anything for granted. Lost my grandmother while I was on a trek in Kashmir with no cell phone connectivity. Rediscovered her presence in my thoughts and prayers, constantly guiding and wishing me well in everything I do.

Made some great friends both at work and outside of it and reconnected with many old ones who made me feel at home in Hyderabad.

Reconnected with Sujata Potay and felt grateful for the opportunity to be able to learn from her about the ways of the mind and the dynamics of relationships.

Discovered my passion for yoga and started on my journey to be a yoga teacher. Feels lucky to be a student to an inspiring teacher like Saraswathi Vasudevan and to have amazing mentors like Mamata, Krishnaveni and Kamala. A big thank you to all of you for your support and guidance. Met amazing fellow yoga enthusiasts whose passion for this science is contagious and keeps me motivated.

2015 also reminded me that I’ll remain a life-long learner. Discovered the field of past-life regression therapy through Patricia Walsh and Sujata Potay. Learnt Reiki. Got introduced to Tai Chi. Enjoyed a short stint with Salsa. Felt fascinated by the power of story-telling after listening to Deepa Kiran. Hoping to join her story circle next year. Started attending an amateur course in astronomy. Felt humbled after listening to each lecture on universe and stars. Took the next step in pursuing my interest in psychology and enrolled for a Master’s degree in Psychology. Finally made up my mind to start the study of Sanskrit in a structured manner in 2016. Joined a year-long course on Sanskrit conducted by Chinmaya International Foundation. Goal is to be able to read the original scriptures some day on my own.

Overall an eventful year has come to an end. Eagerly stepping into the first day of 2016.

May the dawn of this new year remind you of the endless possibilities in life, inspire you to explore them and discover yourself even more in the next 365 days.

Good bye, 2015.Welcome, 2016.

Author: hariprasadvarma

Coach | OD Consultant | Yogapreneur

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