Rediscovering Onam

Onam festival is a quintessential part of the identity of Keralites. Onam is truly an all-inclusive festival that is celebrated across caste-religious divides in Kerala. However, the understanding of the origins of Onam festival and the central figures in its legend Vāmana and Mahabali seems to have undergone many distortions to the extent that most Malayalis who celebrate the festival today do not know of many of its significant aspects. It came as a shock to me few years back when I did some reading on this festival, and realised how little I knew of this most important event in Kerala. And so began my attempt to rediscover Onam for myself. Read More


There is a home that I dream of.Filled with love and beauty,From people and nature. Away from the cacophony of crowded cities,Away from the relentless rush to nowhere,Nestled in the silence of nature,In the stillness of the moment. Many a time did I feel,I’ve come home finally,Here, there, somewhere,Yet nowhere. I’ve explored far and wide,In… Read More

Rediscovering A Friend

At a time when the entire world went into a lockdown and social distancing became the buzz word, we were suddenly presented with the prospect to encounter the self.

I started an online prAnAyAma course ‘Befriend Your Breath‘ two weeks into the lockdown. As I’m about to launch the sixth edition of this course, it seemed like an apt occasion to share some of the insights and learnings from experience so far.

One of the consistent experience for most participants during the last five batches of the program was the excitement and joy of having discovered a new friend in their own breath. Something which most of us take for granted many a time.

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Personalised Yoga

“If you wish to learn yoga therapy well, focus on teaching one-to-one classes”, my teacher said as I was finishing my 1.5 years Yoga Acharya course in 2016. After Yogasala was launched in Jan 2017 with my first retreat to Hampi, it took another six months before I got my first student. Inspite of being the odd one out in the multitude of yoga studios and teachers taking group classes, I stuck to teaching exclusively personalised yoga classes. Read More

A Train To Nowhere

Once upon a time,Huffing and puffing I ran,Chasing the Tuk-Tuk,Heart beating Dhak-Dhak,To catch the Chuk-Chuk. . Late as Usual,I ran,To Catch A Train,A Train to Nowhere. Seated by the window,I peered out into the world,As the Train fled into the wilderness. Network gone,WiFi none,Time forever,Sitting alone,I looked around. Smiling faces,Kind eyes,Open hearts,Each one a storyteller,Of… Read More