Personalised Yoga

“If you wish to learn yoga therapy well, focus on teaching one-to-one classes”, my teacher said as I was finishing my 1.5 years Yoga Acharya course in 2016. After Yogasala was launched in Jan 2017 with my first retreat to Hampi, it took another six months before I got my first student. Inspite of being the odd one out in the multitude of yoga studios and teachers taking group classes, I stuck to teaching exclusively personalised yoga classes. Read More

A Train To Nowhere

Once upon a time,Huffing and puffing I ran,Chasing the Tuk-Tuk,Heart beating Dhak-Dhak,To catch the Chuk-Chuk. . Late as Usual,I ran,To Catch A Train,A Train to Nowhere. Seated by the window,I peered out into the world,As the Train fled into the wilderness. Network gone,WiFi none,Time forever,Sitting alone,I looked around. Smiling faces,Kind eyes,Open hearts,Each one a storyteller,Of… Read More

Full Circle

It feels like life has come a full circle seeing this FB memory from two years ago today. From being a participant blown away by the power of Mahabharata Immersion (MI) to being a co-facilitator for the next edition of MI lab in Feb 2020, the journey feels exhilarating and inspiring. Sharing below my reflections… Read More

How Would You Make A 10 Year Career Plan?

I woke up today morning to this question from Adam Grant, the celebrated organisational psychologist at Wharton Business School, on my LinkedIn newsfeed. And the short answer to the question is, “Don’t bother about it.” Grant gives two reasons for this: In a decade, there are going to be jobs that are interesting in workplaces… Read More


Sometimes you know it.Just know it. And thenYou let it goLetting it flowInto the unknown. Why? You may ask.I’m not sure.Sometimes the light blindsides you.And the shadows hold the answersThat you seek. To trust the shadowIs to embrace the blindness of the heart.And not be blindsided by the light of logic. And then you waitAnd… Read More